Race Department

Race Track Safety Gear

So you’re ready to move up to the highest and most demanding level of riding?

You are in the right place then!


With years of experience in the racing world we can help you not only improve your skills, awareness and confidence but also help you to understand how motorcycles work, whether it’s handling or mechanics.

As riding on the race track requires basic motorcycle riding skills this service is only available for those who hold a full motorcycle licence.

Each training session is tailored to individual needs of a rider, therefore all information in this section is to be treated as guidance.

Correct safety gear is compulsory and is up to the individual to provide it. Turning up without the correct helmet type for example may result in cancellation and loss of fees.


Typical day of training

Depend on whether you like to ride your bike to or your bike and you be taken to the race track, we can meet up at the agreed location.

Once we at the race track, day starts with:

SIGN ON at around 7:30am

NOISE TEST at 8:00am
Please do NOT use loud exhausts as they may not pass the test, therefore you will not be allowed to anticipate and this may result in loss of fees.
It is rider responsibility to provide correct equipment.

BRIEFING at 8:30am
It’s important to be there, so you are aware of all safety regulations and flag communication. If you miss this, it will delay your training and may result in missing first session.

Track go life at 9am!

Typical track day is split to 3 groups:
Each group typically have 20 minute session and 40 minutes brake, which work out as seven, 20 minute sessions throughout the day.
Day ends at around 5pm.

During typical first day of training, you will learn basics of motorcycle set up, planning ahead, breaking techniques and rider/road positioning while riding.
This basic knowledge is usually enough to go there and safely explore by yourself next time, however if you feel like you need further training, we are more than happy to arrange it for you.
Just tell us about your needs and we will get it sorted!

Race track safety gear:

Full face helmets only are accepted at the race track. Old or damaged helmets will not be accepted.
Strap must be Double D type, no seat belt or micro rachet straps will be permitted.
All types of visors are allowed but remember that the darker the visor is the more likely you are to misjudge the distance, especially on a dark, dull day.
Helmet mounted cameras are NOT permitted.

Leather gloves only are permitted.
As a school we expect our race track students to wear gloves with wrist strap so it stay in place in an event of high speed accident.

One piece leather suits or two piece zip ups (zip must connect jacket and trousers all around the waist) are the only ones accepted on the race track. If you don’t have these it’s time to start looking for one.
Textiles or two piece leather suits without a zip will not be permitted under any circumstances.

Race orientated motorcycle boots with good ankle support is the least we recommend. If you don’t already have one then we suggest you start looking for them.

Although these are not yet legal requirement on race track we strongly advice to wear one.
They can be purchase online for as little as £30
You can also use them for extra spine protection while riding on road.

When booking and then during sign on at the start of the day you will be asked to sign indemnity form, so make sure you take good care of keeping yourself safe and be sensible, as school or track day organisers cannot be responsible for rider error or lack of adequate protection.