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Apex Havoc – Equipment Advice

Please be aware that helmets, gloves and jackets are mandatory during training and they are provided by us unless the customer wishes to use their own.

We also require jeans or trousers made of durable material (these are not supplied by ApexHavoc)

Tracksuit bottoms, ripped jeans, shorts and the like will not be permitted and customer will not be allowed to participate.

Boots are not required during training but footwear must be safe and secured (flipflops, crocks and the like are not permitted)

 If you’re in any doubt please take a look at our guidance below:

Welcome to our road department equipment guidance.

Although safety should be a priority for all of us comfort is equally important, so it’s important to choose the right equipment; you will significantly increase your safety and riding experience.
Here’s a list of items we recommend for anyone using a motorcycle whether it’s commuting, travel or for the race track.

Wearing one is not only legal requirement but also protect the head from serious injuries.
There are lots of different designs available on the market, from open face helmets that does not offer any face protection, through modular helmets with possibility of front part lifting up, to full face helmets that offers head & face protection with no weak points.
The latter is the one we always recommend.
As this is one piece design it offers best protection not only to your head but face as well.
Weight, comfort are part of keeping you safe as well but don’t forget the design, it keeps your spirit high!

To make you realise how important gloves are ask yourself a question, what is the first part of the body that hits the floor when you trip over?
That’s right, hands! So is the case during those unlucky moments when we have to part with our motorcycle.
We hope this will never happen but if it does, gloves can make a difference between calling an ambulance or carry on riding once we calm down.
They come in different shapes and forms, with protection varies from light summer use to tough build all weather heated gloves.

Riding with shorts and t-shirt on feels great in a hot summer day…until things go wrong, and they can go wrong very quickly. A car can pull out in front of us, mechanical failure can happen, we may ride over they oil patch we missed going around the corner.

Human flesh is not design to cope well with tarmac at speed, therefore we always recommend wearing protective clothing with padding around vulnerable areas like elbows, shoulders, hips, knees and back/spine.
Clothing, same as gloves is available in textile and leather, one or two piece where jacket can be separated from trousers. Some may have build in airbags and heating elements to keep you warm during cold days.

Part of our body often neglected.
We don’t realise how important our feet are until we can’t use them.
Motorcycle boots not only reduce a chance of ankle and heel injuries but also keep our feet warm and dry.
Level of protection differs from basic summer, breathable boots to race boots that looks like taken of sci-fi movie.


This is usually completely neglected part of equipment for many riders. Try however riding your motorcycle on a cool day for more than few minutes and you will soon regret not having one.

If you still unsure what type of gear is right for you please do not hesitate to get in touch.