So you are ready to explore the world of two wheels?

A brother & sisterhood unlike any other, where complete strangers chat like best friends by the road side…

Well, you’re in the right place!

We at Apex Havoc, are as excited as you are about getting you ready for it.

Motorcyclists are known for being individuals so we treat all of our Direct Access trainees as such, this is completely tailored training where no two riders are the same.

Typical training consists of 4 days for riders of good experience, with a fair amount of time spent riding 125cc machines prior to DAS.

Step by step training means you start on 125cc machine for short assessment, based on your skills you may then be transferred on to a 500cc motorcycle and eventually to 600cc.

No stress & maximum enjoyment is what we’re aiming for and we do our best to deliver it.

DAS – About

DAS stands for Direct Access Scheme.

DAS is a scheme whereby you can train and take your full motorcycle licence (Category A) without the requirement to hold a licence for a smaller capacity bike for at least two years.

However, this scheme is only applicable if you are over 24 years of age.

We hope you will enjoy training with us & we look forward to seeing you.